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Dream On's 1st Round Knockout, HSAs STDs

Uno comes to Kugaroo Farms by way of Debbie Pollard of Dream On.  Mama is our very own "Daphne" (Star-K's Dangerous Daphne) and his daddy is "Oscar" (Dream On's Ready to Rumble)

Uno was a "singleton" and weighed in at a whopping 1lb 4oz at birth...and he could lift his head!!!  He

Uno loves herding and has completed his PT at 15 months.  He completed his HSAs title in August 2008.

Uno loves to herd sheep and completed his STDs at the ASCA Nationals in November 2008, taking a Third Place in a large entry with some tough sheep.  His co-owner and handler, Debbie Pollard, showed some amazing footwork on that one!  Ducks...that's another story...

He's started his agility training and is having a hard time waiting for his turn. 

Uno's Pedigree

"Uno" at 10 weeks of age

Uno at 1 year, moving

Uno at 1 year, stacked

Uno completing his PT at 15 months

Uno's Pedigree

Dream On's 1st Round Knockout Ch Dream Ons Ready To Rumble
Blue C/W AS-14312G33M-T F=11.71%
E89522 DL69676301
Ch Moonlights Against All Odds STDds
Black C/W AS-9057E26M F=13.82%
E63753 DL49432104
Ch Moonlights Hottest Thing Goin
E40708 DL43759902
Ch Some Like It Hot of Adelaide
Gingerbreds Sweet Success CD
Ch Jazz of Bainbridge
E27045 DL48110101
Ch Starstruck of Bainbridge STDds
Ch Diamond Aires Blue Marquise
Ch Sages Dream Come True CD STDs
Blue C/W RF AS-7454G27F F=12.94%
E53327 DL45936901
All American Era of Tres Rios
Brigadoons All American Dude
Higgins Blue Lady of Westerns
Ch Brigadoon Diamond In the Ruff
Ch Tri-Ivory Ruff Rider CD
Cookin' With Sage of Brigadoon
Ch Star Ks Dangerous Daphne
Black C/W F=14.94%
Ch Bayshores Polo of Star K
Black C/W AS-14499G26M F=23.83%
Ch Bayshores Ralph Lauren
Ch Bayshores Three To Get Ready CD STDd DNA-CP
Ch Bayshores Tereyn Crepe Suzette
Ch Bayshore Propwash Spice Cake
E59329 DL47648701
Ch Bayshores Flapjack
Ch Bayshore Propwash Lalapalooza
Ch Elite Stonecrest Jewel
Blue C/W AS-14397G25F-T F=14.44%
E97682 DL73462702
Ch Moonlights Rollover Beethoven
E55701 DL44068902
Ch Moonlights Hottest Thing Goin
Ch Jazz of Bainbridge
Ch Summertime Showoff For Elite
E71715 DL56054104
Ch Summertime Showdown of Oldwest DNA-CP
Ch Summertimes Tropical Storm