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BIS INTL/AKC/ASCA CH River Run River Dance, HSAsd HRDs-I STDsd

Tap started his show career at 4 years old.  He finished his AKC championship in four months with 4 majors, going BOB over specials.  After less than 6 months of limited showing, he finished the year 2001 at #26.

In 2002, Tap was campaigned by Denise Williams and finished the year #9, receiving an invitation to the Eukanuba Invitational where he received the First Award of Merit.  He also completed his International Championship, winning a Best In Show.

In 2003, Tap was campaigned by Valerie Nunes-Atkinson and finished the year #5. He was again invited to the Eukanuba Invitational where he repeated his Award of Merit.  He also received an invitation to Westminster which he attended in February 2004.

He "retired" after Westminster 2004 and completed his ASCA Championship in May 2004.  He also officially became a "veteran" in May 2004.

In November 2004, Tap was awarded the Best of Breed Veteran at the 2004 ASCA Nationals

In November 2006, at the age of 10, Tap started his herding career under the hand of Debbie Pollard, Dream On Australian Shepherds.  He completed his PT in April and his HSAs in June, 2007.  He is now working on his started duck title with the zest you'd expect from a puppy!  Click to see his first time on ducks

Tap is the AKC #1 Herding Started Aussie for 2007

In 2008, Tap completed his AHBA Ranch Dog I title.  This required him to gather 5 sheep in a pasture, move them through the pasture and around a haystack, through a gate and an alleyway, through a feedlot, separate out three sheep into another pen, move them over a bridge, recollect all the sheep into the feedlot and then move them through an alleyway to re-pen them -- twice in one day...he was one tired 11 year old dog!

In the Summer of 2008, Tap completed his ASCA STD on both ducks and sheep.

He still occasionally hits the show ring in both AKC and ASCA, still performing his "circus tricks" to the delight of the show ring audience.

Tap's Pedigree

Tap completing his first Duck Leg, at 10 and a half...

Tap finishing his HSAs at 10 1/2...


Tappy's first time on ducks...

First time on ducks...please let me eat them... finally got them out of the corner...without getting beaked! Rats!  there they go, back into the corner
hmmm...wonder what these obstinate little beggars taste like....
...what if i just pick it up and put it over there? dammit...now they are everywhere!
ok.  i see.  just move slowly.... ...up against the wall... ok, i hope everyone got the memo.  we are just going to move quietly down this fence now.  ok?  are you ready?.
Ok, everyone seems to have read the memo...quit flapping and just move. Ok, count off...where's the fifth one?...are you in there?...come on out..keep moving. Ok, we have to make this cross-drive.  i'll go right, you go left...
Hey! Don't be stepping on my ducks.  It took me a long to time get them here...watch out! Last obstacle and then a nice dinner Ok, one cheap shot.  i just want a little taste...please?
Ok, I'll hold them here.  you open the gate.  hurry up before they get away.  I need a nap.